Botanika Metallika

Series of scans from my old Agfa DuoScan T1200 – can’t believe it still works. Been saving bits of plant material and scanning at the absolute maximum capacity of everything possible with this old scanner. I have customized a lot of settings. I like this scanner now it’s old. I did a few test prints on metallic stock – seems to be the way to go, hence the ‘Metallika’ in the title. I definitely wanted the plant material to a bit ‘rock n roll’ or edgy – Gothic even. Certainly the images reference Karl Blossfeldt’s macro photography.

The Alchemicst from Alchemical Projects wrote this about the project:

Wilkinson, who relocated from Britain to America many years ago, creates photographs which convey a British interest in craft and nature, combined with the uniquely American objectification of beauty. His Botanika series of close-up still life color images of flora and fauna display a Robert Mapplethorpe-like formalism which, in isolating his subjects, sweep away old associations and force the contemporary viewer to experience them in the present, as they actually exist in nature.