Bull Terrier

Luxury Item

Lux is my Bull Terrier. What a great and loyal pet she is. Early in the mid-19th century the breed was developed to satisfy the needs for vermin control and animal-based blood sports. Since that was idea was swiftly outlawed, the breed fell out of fashion. Only to be reintroduced later as a men’s fashion accessory.

This bit is taken from Wikipedia: The epithet “White Cavalier”, harking back to an age of chivalry, was bestowed on a breed which while never seeking to start a fight was well able to finish one, while socialising well with its “pack”, including children and pups. Hinks himself had always aimed at a “gentleman’s companion” dog rather than a pit-fighter—though Bullies were often entered in the pits, with some success. Today the Bullie is valued as a comical, mischievous, imaginative and intelligent (problem-solving) but stubborn house pet suitable for experienced owners.