It’s A Family Affair



Sherry MacLean, the CFO of the MacLean Agency, a Princeton based insurance agency (Business & Personal Insurance, Employee Benefits, and Wealth Management) contacted me to talk about a series of corporate portraits of the entire team. There were many sets and groupings to meet all of their needs. We set up a simple portrait station for the corporate portraits – and then tried a more casual approach for a second image. The light in the main lobby was so bright all we needed was a reflector to bounce a little more light onto the subject. We alternated backgrounds depending on contrast  – so there would be a variety, either wood panel or white wall. Either way we’d get the tone I’m all about.

I am loving this approach of different crops, textures, eye contact or none for this series – I think it’s such a smart approach to corporate portraiture. Perhaps I had in my head that things needed to be the same – but they don’t, after all we are all different – how could they ever be the same.

The featured image of Sherry and Jerry MacLean (founder of the agency) is something that came to mind on the way to the shoot. We had discussed a two shot of Sherry seated and Jerry standing, as well as Sherry standing and Jerry seated – but would they let me throw tons of paper in the air as well for a concept image? Heck, why not – these folks were fun! I think I may have got the flying paper in the first shot – but it was so much fun I wanted to do it again and again and had more and more paper repeatedly thrown.

Special thanks to my very experienced, and hard working crew:
Dwayne Dunlevyhair, make-up and styling | Diana Mooreassisting and styling