The Mayor

I was thrilled and nervous when I was asked to the photograph the Mayor of Trenton. I did some research and looked up Mayor portraits – but wasn’t inspired by what I found. On the day of the photo session we had quite a comprehensive shot list to complete: an official Mayor Portrait for the press, a cover for a business magazine, a couples portrait with the Mayor’s wife, and some casual portraits.

I was worried we wouldn’t have enough time to complete all these set and lighting changes as officials are typically very scheduled. I asked Mayor Jackson, “How much time do we have you for today?” wondering if the answer would be in minutes, not hours – his warm and friendly reply was exactly what I needed to hear, “As long as it takes to get what we need.”

Mayor Jackson was so fun and lively to work with, he brought superb suit and tie options that looked great – and he was open to make the images dynamic and bright. Everyone pretty much agreed on which were their favorite images. I hope I get to work with him again, he’s a lot of fun.