Despite what you think you know, there’s always room for more. Who said ‘The more I learn the less I know’ – [Socrates, perhaps]. I took a portrait lighting workshop and it was fun as heck studying light. We practiced some ideas in lighting that I’d have never considered. Thanks to Frank V., the instructor for the Lighting Workshop, and the Princeton Digital Photo Workshop.

A few shots in this series were lighting experiments with this hazing effect. We put a strobe behind the models head (on quite high power) and she faced the windows for additional ambient soft fill light. Then, using a slow shutter setting on the camera, the model flipped her hair back and forth and up and down. We think the hazy glow came from the strobe bouncing off the wall (it was very close to the wall), and back into the camera. Quite a romantic effect – without the use of any digital filters. I don’t know that I’d have thought to experiment this way if it wasn’t for the workshop. So this old dog has new trick.

As for the image that is both in black and white and color, I still can’t decide which one I like more – I should probably take a photo editing class next.