Andrew Wilkinson


Random Acts of Splatness is series I’ve enjoyed collecting. Mediums include paint, oil, coffee, berry sodas – and things I have no idea what they might be. These accidental action paintings are typically discovered around convenience stores, and some city side walks as well. Once you start looking out for them, they are hidden in plain sight like so many things.

I think many artists and photographers become custodians of particular subject that interests them in their personal work. They collect, arrange and organize their collections to make sense of it – if they don’t already know why they are doing it, and what it may mean to them.

What comes to my mind when the evidence of a splat is left behind is – how did that happen? was someone clumsy, distracted, or bumped into and lost their balance, or did that brimming 48 ounce slush master just become to slippy to handle. Accidents happen or is it the spirit of the road commanding a libation.