Dr. Sketchy is group that provides models for art organizations and invites artists to draw and photograph. Artworks in Trenton hosted one of these events and the theme was Tarantino Movies – how great is that? There was even all the great music from the films playing while artists were drawing and photographers were taking pictures. I couldn’t help but think of Cindy Sherman’s series ‘Untitled Film Stills‘ (one of my favorite series’), where the artist put herself in front of the camera as a character from a film – a truly amazing series. In our scenario, we could work with models already in a character from Quentin Tarantino films. The extremely patient models allowed us to pose them and fuss with our lights and camera settings until we were getting the images we wanted.

I decided to try the bright back lighting technique by putting the flash behind the subject on full power and create a hazy glow. The flash is positioned close to the back wall and the subject so the light bounces off the wall and subject producing the glow effect to the image. Some of these effects can be achieved with filters – I just prefer to do it in the camera.