Art Kids

An artist friend of mine asked if I’d photograph his kids. He liked the images and treatment of the ‘Riders’ series I did of the bicycle scavenger hunt. The artist goes by the name LANK, and is a very talented and creative fella – one of this art forms is stencils. Meticulously cut shapes and lines are the pattern or tool that is then used to spray paint through. So, his kids are around art a lot, and in my opinion have a creative advantage. So they were very patient and up for trying different sets and both assisting in the process.

We have a lot of props in the studio – and there happened to be some antlers out, so we held them behind the young girl’s head – to make a fantasy portrait – as if she were dreaming. We used a ring flash as the primary light. With the boy, his prop was a Nintendo DS – so I just left him with it. The three point light set up was on cell and strobe. The back light stayed on after the front two fired – leaving a silhouette. The photo becomes a graphic, much like the stencils Lank works with.

_MG_0147_LR _MG_0066_LR