Photo Session for a Composite Card

My good neighbor, Chase and I talked about creating a composite card for him to see if he could potentially pick up some modeling work. We planned this idea for ages and decided to do two looks in one session, the ‘plaidiator’ – a working guy look, which we were joking that it was looking like a younger Brawny Man – but, that’s ok, and the formal ‘guy in suit’ look. We tried this new red background I had painted – it’s canvas, but sort of looks like leather to me – definitely different to backgrounds I’ve seen. We settled on a two light set up, key light on strobe, fill light on cell (doesn’t fire), but softens the shadows slightly on one side of the face. Once we got the shots we liked, we took a break and prepared for the second look.

No matter how good a suit fits, you still need to clip and clamp it to pull out bunches and wrinkles in the sleeves. Lucky for me I had two amazing assistants to take control (Tamara and Diana), let me tell you – assistants that you know and trust are invaluable. I always ask them, what they would like to try creatively, and have them take the lead with any set that inspires them. Everything is worth a try when you are all there working together. The last set, included the suit, no vest or tie and a prop. Chase liked this mask we had in the studio and wanted to work it into the shot. We used a fabric background and a ring flash. It’s great how it lights the subject evenly and softly but doesn’t spill onto the backdrop.

I think we were all pleased with the results of this photo session, and once the final edit of images are designed into a composite card and sent out, we’ll hopefully hear some good feedback and Chase will get hired for some modeling work.