I thought about calling this series ‘EXEC_CUTE_TIVE LEVEL’, but then DOG YEARS felt better.

We’ll Make Great Pets, the song by the band Porno For Pyros (Perry Farrell of Jane’s Addiction) was playing in my head the whole time. And continues when I look at these images. Understanding relationships transcend the test of time and institutional struggles. A thought that was also playing in my head after this photo session.

My friend, a Creative Director who offered me the shoot was challenged after the fact (by upper level execs) about decisions that were on the table months ahead. Things that were previously approved, became politically unapproved. And likeĀ  ‘man’s best friend’ – we stuck it out, and made everything work to the best of our ability. There’s more to ponder about the parallel of pet and owner, and two friends that have worked with each other for over 15 years – that’s 105 in dog years.

On this shoot, we were lucky to have the budget to accommodate a very talented stylist – Dwayne, who did the hair, make-up, pet wrangling and set-up.