Photo shoot for artist and designer Joseph Bottari. He has been working on series of paintings, stencils and the jewelry pendant – all based on the famous Robert Indiana ‘LOVE’ sculpture. It’s a cool idea to hijack a recognizable piece of art, modify it just enough to make it your own. It’s one of those things that base itself off something already recognizable.

We had two excellent models for the session, Matt and Molly. Both were incredibly creative and great to work with. For this shoot I was mostly using a ring flash – and shooting from the side more than through it. We were going for this stark contrasty look. In this edit, I’m really keen on the poses and lighting – some showcase the pendant better than others – that’s when we decided to get up close have the model hold it high or put it close to their face – so we could get everything in.

I look forward to the opportunity to work with this crew again – we kept going and going, and it kept getting better and better, and later and later into the night – and truly was a collaborative effort.

Learn more about Robert Indiana and go to this site to see more of his amazing art work: