Andrew Wilkinson


I’m always thrilled when Zanya Spa Salon calls for a photo session. They are so organized – down to the most minute of details. Everyone on set works so hard and is an absolute perfectionist – constantly reviewing and editing as we build and work to create the images they like. That said, there is a massive amount of room for creativity the entire time – we try poses, styles, lighting changes until we feel we’ve done everything possible in the amount of time we have.

The final edit for the client is for their Blow Dry Bar, their clients can pick from a number of blow dry styles. We also did a series of make up looks. The edit posted here is very different to the client edit. The client edit was in color and the series matched. These few images, I worked with in black and white – there was just something about them that I liked.
Hair and make up credit: Zanya Spa Salon, Lambertville, NJ